Welcome to music of the Civil War era! In order to help you find music you are interested in, we have broken the music into several major categories: Brass Band, Fife & Drum, and Popular Music. Click on any of these to drop down to that style of music, or just scroll around, try some music – and enjoy! When you click on an individual group, you will be taken to their page. On it, you can listen to samples of their work and purchase those full songs or albums.

Federal City Brass Band

The Federal City Brass Band, founded in 2002, recreates the sound and appearance of a Union Army regimental brass band of the 1860s. The instruments used by The Federal City Brass Band are originals dating to the mid-19th century.

Brass Mounted Army

"Brass Mounted Army" was the vision of historian James A. Ottavaere. He assembled a team of dedicated musicians versed in Civil War period brass instruments to bring music well known to cavalrymen back to life.

Martin E. Liebschner

Centered around the rhythmic sound of the banjo, musician Martin Liebschner presents songs you’d have heard around the campfire or on the farmstead.

Sons of Temperance

The 19th Century sound of ringing banjos, clacking bones, rythmic bass and the jolly tamboreen playing somber murder balads, jaunty minstrel tunes, celtic drinking songs, and tunes superimposed into that time with reckless abandon.

Kent Courtney

You will love being carried back in time hearing these enchanting arrangements of popular melodies that reflect the cultural diversity of America in the 19th century!

Vaughn & Starbuck

Listen to popular song of the day sung for you and played on guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Several songs were recorded with a live audience!

Battlefield Balladeers

Battlefield Balladeers' repertoire consists of patriotic, sentimental, and comic songs of the period along with minstrel favorites and the melodies of Stephen Foster.

The Hardtacks

The Hardtacks’ repertoire includes parlor songs, rally cries, spirituals, hymns, bawdy parodies, and more.

Calvert Arms, Fife & Drum

The Calvert Arms Fife and & Drum Corps is proud to support the next generation of historic musicians by donating their proceeds to the ACW Field Music School.

2nd South Carolina String Band

The songs and instrumental tunes performed by the 2nd South Carolina String Band would have been considered the “pop” music of the period beginning in the late 1820′s and running through the 1860′s and beyond. This music was unique in that it had no classical background. Its songs were filled with the language, slang, and experiences of the common man rather than the intellectual elites and its impact on American culture echoes down to the present day.

Andrew's Horse Artillery Bugle Calls

These calls are taken from the Confederate manual for mounted artillery drill compiled by Lieutenant-Colonel R. Snowden Andrews and published by Evans and Cogswell in Charleston, South Carolina, 1863. Andrews was formerly Chief of Division Artillery under Lieutenant-General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson, to whom this drill manual is dedicated.